myCARD Pro Works Overtime

Upgrade your account to Pro for #BeAmazing Features like custom layout and branding, tell your brand story with video, advertise from myCARD with interactive Banners, and improve your website search results with Keyword Rich content pointing to your website. This is just the beginning, myCARD from JustMy; Now this is a Business Card.

The Perks of Upgrading

myCARD Pro uses interactive banners with 3 call to action links to help direct traffic to your website, your events, deals, registrations, and more. Update your banner and your links anytime you want!
myCARD is your digital business card and we made it very easy to customize and match your brand with easy to use styling options. Change colors, fonts, and backgrounds with just a click of a button
Make a real impression on myCARD with your brand video. Just drop in your Vimeo or YouTube link and get your brand message seen every time you share your digital business card.
As much as we love putting our banner at the bottom of your business card, you can opt to remove it. It hurts our feelings a little, but we understand!
Google and other search engines like pages with rich keyword content linked to your website. When you create and share content to your digital business card, we display your content on our local digital newsstand with links back to your site. Who knew a digital business card could come with so many perks?
JustMy is building a local business directory across the country and with myCARD Pro, we turn the spotlight on your business to help locals find you!
Do you have any questions? myCARD Pro comes with email support, so anytime you need our help, just shoot us an email!
myCARD makes it easy to promote your brand or organization. So we want to make it easy for you to control your message getting in front of as many people as possible. So we aren't going to charge you any extra for digital business cards for your entire crew! Up to 50 cards for your team at no additional cost!

myCARD PRO only $15 monthly!